Karimunjawa - Karimun Jawa Island

Karimun Jawa Island - Central Java


designated currently being a national marine park. karimunjawa consists of several small islands, with main ones being karimunjawa island and kemujan island, and also the smaller ones being menjangan besar island, and menjangan kecil island and another even smaller, uninhabited islands.
sunset at karimunjawa harbour
karimunjawa islands white sandy beach. more info visit: http://www.paketliburankarimunjawa.com/


karimunjawa was originally settled by sunan nyamplungan, the son of sunan muria, one in all the muslim saints ( sunan ) who introduced islam to firmly java.


karimunjawa and kemujan islands are like saimese twins. a quick bridge connects and then they will can be thought of as only 1 island.

karimunjawa island is that the larger and is quite hilly and steep in places. the very best peak is about 330 metres, with the use of a dozen alternative peaks of 150 metres or a lot of. karimunjawa too delivers the larger population. the most, and nearly the ultimate, village is situated throughout the purpose by the south-west coast of karimunjawa island. there will be several beautiful beaches with clean, white sand. much of one's island has fringing reefs.

kemujan island has lower evevation and is undulating. the 900 metre airstrip ( elev. 10 metres ) is located on kemujan island, 18 km north-east of one's village. there are a couple of mangrove forrests fringing kemujan island in places. there will be too fringing reefs in several locations all around the island.

the smaller, outer islands are low lying in the past have pristine, white sandy beaches.

flora and fauna

one will find numerous varieties of ocean animals, like turtles, sharks, and fish, within the ocean around karimunjawa. by the land, particularly in karimunjawa island and kemujan island, one will find several varieties of birds, deer, and even snakes.

tropical. it's hot here within the dry season ( approximately april to firmly october ) and wet and humid within the rainy season ( december to firmly march ).

get in

there will be chartered planes from semarang that fly from semarang to firmly dewandaru airport in kemujan island. the airstrip uses a sealed 900 metre runway.

there's a regular ferry that sails from tanjung emas ( port ) in semarang and jepara to firmly karimunjawa island. contact central java transporter ☎ ; +6285225993574, relating to the karimunjawa service. the slower, however comfortable, barge service operates away from japara.

get around

in karimunjawa and kemujan island, you'll be able to rent a car, motorcycle or just a bicycle. to find to firmly another near-by islands but, you wish to firmly rent a native boat for about rp 200, 000/day. inter-island transportation will too be booked at the listed link, where you'll be able to too read timetables.

note : for one or 2 individuals, a motorbike would sometimes do, however if youre not accustomed to motorcycles and would rather rent a car, it could be a smart move to firmly book a rental car right before you arrive in karimunjawa, as a result of there will be terribly few cars by the island.


the island beaches and beautiful coral reefs.

tanjong track adventure ( track ), one in all the foremost interresting place to view, where you'll be able to do trekking. located within the north a part of kemujan island, at batulawang bay


there will be variety of resorts on kariminjawa, an example would be kura-kura resort, give diving activities. there will be several fascinating native spots for diving, like taka panyawangan and gosong cemara. there are a couple of shipwrecks that attract several fish and divers alike. you'll be able to too go hiking all around the island to locate several places where there's a beautiful panorama


one of the best known handicrafts in karimunjawa are its wood carvings, and lots of outlets sell them.

native cultured pearls, and jewellery made with pearls, can possibly be bought at much lower prices than in jakarta. if pearls interest you, positive you'>be sure you check this out, however first, check the prices in jakarta right before you go to firmly kurimun, thus you understand the price of what youre buying.

most people too go to firmly karimunjawa to locate the dewandaru plant. these believe that dewandaru plants tend to make their lifetime longer.


alcoholic beverages are served within the resorts. outside of such resorts, there will be no pubs or clubs, however bintang ( indonesian beer ) can possibly be purchased at a few warungs ( small, native outlets ). the beer is sometimes sold over the shelf, ie, hot.

bottled water may be a should and can possibly be bought readily. nevertheless, carry water with you wherever you go. at meals, seasonal recent fruit juice, an example would be coconut, mango, orange or avocado, may be a pleasant treat.


surrounded by seas, karimunjawa provides countless ocean food. recent fish and prawns are staples within the island diet. restaurants are located at intervals hotels. alternative eateries, or warungs, give decent cheap food like fried rice, fish, or an assortment of veggies. be flexible and youll do fine.


there will be numerous varieties of accommodation on karimunjawa, from homestay to firmly four star hotels. there will be too camping sites.

the homestay places begin from about rp 120, 000/night. a comfortable unit with airconditioner is about rp 250, 000/night.


roemah emak villa, a relax home for family, next to firmly the beach

tanjong melati homestay within the way north of one's island, run via the native bugis individuals. warm family orientated hospitality, delicious recent food cooked to firmly perfection. able to lift directly coming from the ferry, tailor made day trips an example would be trekking, snorkeling amongst shipwrecks/fluorescent marine life. relaxed immersion within the native culture with friendly faces all around.


melati hotel
blue lagoon hotel
dewandaru hotel
wisma apung floating hotel
escape beach hotel


full list of homestay in karimunjawa, by staying in karimunjawa homestay, you certainly will not no more than feel that a tourist, other then it'll become one in the social and cultural living of the karimunjawa. here's a list of homestay in karimunjawa :

homestay dafista
homestay gatot
homestay hadi
homestay kamisan
homestay srikandi ( guest house )
homestay anik
homestay prapatan
homestay pek
homestay liandry
homestay hamfah
homestay arryani
homestay akbar
homestay mulyo indah
homestay ari

all homestay in karimunjawa have facilities similar : 12. 5 power hour

( pkl. 17 :00 out to 06 :00 pm ), fan, bathroom exterior and bathroom within.

residents karimunjawa terribly open out to welcome tourists who keep either in

homestay or possibly not.

kura-kura resort, in menyawakan island. coated by coconut plants and surrounded by white sandy beaches and pristine coral reefs. its a high class hotel with scuba facilities.

nirwana laut resort, a luxury resort with several facilities.

paradise resort, private time share and holiday home. by having private entrance from the most road you expertise the foremost amazing views high higher than the tree line overlooking the bay, national park and outer islands.

keep safe

it's best out to bring what you would like as there's not really a wide type of goods upon the island. bring suncream ( block-out, 30+ ) if you really are truthful skinned, additionally bring

Menjangan Kecil Island snorkeling spot Karimun Java

Menjangan Kecil Island is one of the camping and snorkeling spot is quite popular in Karimunjawa. Spot snorkling in the form of many small fish and also coral reefs, located quite far from the shoreline to a depth of about 2 to 5 feet.
more info visit: http://www.paketliburankarimunjawa.com/

Small Menjangan has the area about 46 acres and is owned by PT. Awani Dream / Mr Willy. The island is located about 15 minutes to the south of the island's most visited Publications by people who arrived to just rest and lunch.
Pulau menjangan Kecil karimunjawa
menjangan kecil islans

Burn your own fish over a campfire made with makeshift tree branches provide sensation and pleasure apart while eating it .. White sandy beaches with state land neatly enough as it is used for lodging the form of the bungalow. Calm waters with clear water and warm tropical sea specialties.

Coral reefs that take hundreds of years to grow that is in the sea floor is quite broad and equitable. Indonesia is a country with a total area of ??coral reefs about 51,000 sq km or 18% of all coral reefs in the world (The Nature Conservancy). One of the wealth of coral reefs that you can enjoy here.

Menjangan Kecil Island has a fringing reef (fringing reef) better than Menjangan Besar. Many tourists who hire glass bottom boat (boat essentially from glass) to enjoy the marine park there.

Around Menjangan Small and Large Menjangan there Indono Panama wreck which sank in 1955. Today, the ruins of the ship that has been turned into fish habitat is often used as a dive (wreck diving). Among the rocky cliffs that dominate the Acropora sp, you can see the black snapper, grouper, clams and black mussels. Type these shells once was popular as one of the typical food Karimunjawa population, but now its existence is protected by the government.

Coral reefs found there is a kind of Montipora Foliosa shaped leaves look as blooming with white, yellow, to golden among staghorn coral. Several large rocks towering red heart and is used as a place to stand or rest when fatigue began to be felt on the sidelines of snorkeling.

Although Small Menjangan resort is equipped with the rent, but some parts of the island still appeared relatively natural with only palm trees towering. Several spots in this island is a camping area that is ready to be a place for those who want to momentarily disappear from civilization.
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Tour to the Karimun Java Island

Tour to the Karimun Java Island

Got a tour Planning to karimunjawa with friends or in groups? This article may be a bit useful as a reference you are planning a tour to karimunjawa. The number of agents ato bureau karimunjawa island tour travel today can make you confused in choosing the travel agency which prioritizes comfort and satisfying service.
karimunjawa tour
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Few tips before ya bro-sis tour to Publications:
Tour karimunjawa-Never rush in choosing a tavel agent karimunjawa, why? because many agencies HOAX, several times we met traveler confusion / panic because travelers had to choose an agency that is not clear. bro-sis not wanna suffer the same fate right? : D ok next,

Cheap Karimunjawa Tour

Tour Publications - Do not ever be tempted by a package that costs "LOOK CHEAP", everybody wanna cheap dung! Sure! including me,,: D, but before you decide? my advice anyway, carefully FACILITIES understand any kind obtained in a "tour package" it. whether it be tickets ship (ship express / cantika, Muria, kartini), lodgings (Karimunjawa homestay, hotel, resort) and the number of people per room (filled perkamar orang/2orang/1orang 3-4), a long tour (2 days, 3hari , 4hari) and lastly the most important niih,,, TOUR guidenya: D
* Tips that have I mentioned above can be asked directly by TRAVEL AGENT respectively.

Tour Publications Terms and Conditions
Tour Publications - this can make ya-cenut cenat head, it is not, is the way to Jepara, out of money during the trip, because I'm transfer DP too! Eeeh not to harbor him until kartini jepara / meeting point alarmingly "SHIP NOT ALLOWED OFF" laughing .... trus lemes: D..
Is DP andah Scorched Money?!!! could be yes could not, Naaah,,, so read the "terms and conditions" of the bureau karimunjawa tour you choose. :) In order to straighten out this problem. okok?

Karimunjawa Tour Package
sorry, for now we can not publish contact us, as info only ya ya ^ _ ^

Karimun Java Islands Best part for Traveller

Karimun Java Islands best place to vacations best part for traveller, Karimun Java the lost paradise in java

Karimun Jawa is a tourist paradise of the island of Java. Life under the sea with a wonderful variety of organisms make karimun Java as one of the nine National Parks in Indonesia. KARIMUN ISLAND JAVA probably not very well known as Bali, Lombok, or Bunaken. However, the natural beauty of the islands of the sea that is no less remarkable. Consisting of 27 islands. Five islands inhabited by residents, while the rest are uninhabited island beautiful virgin. There are 5 types of ecosystem in these islands. Ranging from coral reefs, sea grass, mangroves, coastal forests, and lowland tropical rain forests with high biodiversity. more info visit: http://www.paketliburankarimunjawa.com/

karimun Java Island, Indonesia

Karimu Java island
Karimun Java is a tourist paradise of the island of Java. Life under the sea with an incredible variety of biota, white sandy beaches and the beautiful, enchanting small islands, as well as a friendly and homely became interested in the national marine park.
Here are 9 interesting facts you may not know about Karimun Java, Paradise Lost in Java:

Karimun Jawa, located 230 km north of Yogyakarta consists of a group of 27 islands, 22 of them are uninhabited island with beautiful white sand beaches charming.
Karimun Jawa National Marine Park is one of the National Marine Park in Indonesia with a total area of ​​111,625 ha. From the wide, 98.6% was 1.4% while the waters are mainland.

Karimun Java has a very high biodiversity, including 69 genera of hard corals, 353 species of coral and 300 hectares of mangrove forest (Nababan, Mangaraja Mount, et al., 2010. Ecosystem Status Karimun Jawa National Park. Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program)
Karimun Jawa is one of the few places to find the Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the White Belly Sea Eagle (Haliaetus leucogaster) are endangered.
There is a pool shark in captivity and also the Great Menjangan Island is one tourist attraction. Adrenaline enthusiasts can try the chance to swim with dangerous predators.
Sometimes sand land sticking out at sea or on the edge of the island that appeared in the morning and then disappear when the tide is high.

Since the global warming phenomenon that causes an increase in ocean temperatures to 1 degree Celsius per year, resulting in coral bleaching and death of coral reefs, including coral reefs in the waters Karimun Jawa.
Residents Karimun Java using generators for power generation. Limitations caused by an electrical power source only lit 6:00 a.m. to 18:00.

Java Karimun beauty so enchanting, can be enjoyed by anyone because tour agencies offering cheap travel packages (less than $ 500.000/orang for 4 days 3 nights package).
There are many amazing facts about the beautiful islands. Visit and find out for yourself Karimun Jawa something unique and interesting that will leave you stunned.

FLORA FAUNA on the island of Java KARIMUN

There are 242 species of ornamental fish and aquatic fauna 133. In fauna in Karimunjawa grouped into two:

Mainland: Grey Herons, Snakes, Porcupine, Pangolin, Deer, Stork Tong tong, eagle. Albatross are endangered species that can be found on the islands.
Air / sea: coral reefs, sponges, soft coral, red shells, turtles and ornamental fish.
Java karimun coral
Publications coral / reef

Karimun Jawa became a paradise of the divers (diver). You can do a variety of activities in the crystal clear waters. Swimming, diving (diving), or snorkeling will be fun.

The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction to frolic in the water. Sea water is very clear in Karimun Jawa and clear, so you can clearly see the seabed. Beaches in Karimun Jawa also very beautiful. For those of you who like fishing, you can do it at some Karimun Java.

Karimun tourist activities in Java that can be done:

Karimun Java Diving Snorkeling Spot

Sport diving, diving for a hobby to channel his hobby at Tanjung Gelam (in Karimun Jawa), Menjangan Small and Small Fir.
Bathing Beach and Sun, matching is done on the island of Pulau Menjangan Great white sand and Small Fir.
Java karimun diving
Java karimun diving
Snorkling, in places that provide stunning underwater scenery.
Fishing, chopped mania can channel his hobby by renting boats.
Glass bottom boat, for those who can not swim can enjoy the underwater beauty with a glass bottom boat.
Jetski and banana boat, for those who love water sports, can do it in Java karimun.
Been to Captive shark, trying to feel the direct contact and joking with sharks.
Boating to visit the islands, beautiful islands, you can visit by boat.
Diving into the lives of fishermen Bugis and Madurese tradition with distinctive stilt houses

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty and try to Karimun tourist activities on the island of Java. Get best deals of paketliburankarimunjawa.com now ^ _ ^